Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Bridge Hotel before its gone

Ive been major busy recently; weddings, baby's, newspapers, portraiture.

A family friend visited Wednesday and im going to be helping him with images for his website. I had a little play with a little lighting set up used for product photography, real cool, I cant wait to play with it again.

While Mark was here he left me his camera to play with; a Canon Powershot G10. In simple terms its a point and shoot camera. In more depth its a camera for enthusiasts who want to take control of the exposure settings but don't want a 'big' camera.  I looked at a similar model before I got into my Fuji cameras.

It's almost fits in the pocket, well it does as long as you have big pockets. Defo not one for skinny jeans.

The Bridge Hotel is getting demolished soon, I heard it was supposed to be a few weekends ago, that might of just been talk??? Anyway its covered in notices of demolition so I guess its really happening. Having a small camera and itching to shoot/get out of the house and enjoy the fleeting summer evening I got on my bike and took some shots of the outside. After all, ive got plenty of shots of the inside from previous explores.

Once you figure the buttons on the G10 its simple to use and fits in hand nicely, ive enjoyed using it. The image quality is not bad, could be better, I shouldn't compare image quality against a full frame Canon and a Fuji X camera its not in the same league, images do look a little noisy. Shooting at ISO 400 is rather surprisingly noisy. I don't think id like to even try ISO 800. However the smaller point and shoot nature of the camera prompted me to shoot at different angles, which again I enjoyed doing and allowed me to play with foregrounds and backgrounds in my usual tilted style.


Without a doubt my favourite image from the evening. Old phone boxes feature in everyone's memories and really are a British symbol. The layer after layer of red paint on the oldest phone boxes give them real texture. I like the play with depth and scale here; there is a large river in between the foreground and background