Thursday, 5 June 2014


Im really bad at keeping up with updating this blog, I have images, themes, stories etc etc dating back from February that I still haven't shown.
I will get round to these eventually, I really should considering there was a job and ive been granted permission to share the photos on my blog, I need to get my priorities straight.

Weve had bad spells of weather recently over the past few weeks, actually is the weather ever that nice? Every time it rains enough to form some big puddles I really want to go out and find some reflections of buildings, people, flowers, you name it but then I look out the window and think "no way...its raining!"

Well, Laura and I had to go to Kings Lynn last weekend for a spot of shopping and ive now reached the stage where I really cant go anywhere without a camera. Thank goodness I bought the X20 last month as its almost pocketable (if I had a big pocket).

It had rained at dinner time so things were looking up!

Things were actually a let down as by the time i was ready to take photos all the puddles had dried up.

I grabbed a few shots of the Custom House; a subject covered thousands of times before.

This sign said something about a flood risk, I see the funny side as there was a puddle in front of it.

When in Alton Towers the week before i also took 2 other reflection based shots. No more photos taken on this day....come on.....its Alton Towers, i was so excited, even when standing in a queue for 2 hours.

Onwards and upwards, tune in next time. Thanks for looking.