Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Exploring close to home in Sutton Bridge

This time I didn't even have to get in my car to go exploring.

It was Sunday 5th January 2014 and my nephew Josh was over for the weekend. Id already planned to do something like a spot of urbexing with him before he came over, time was running short so I thought Id explore somewhere a little closer to home. This particular place has been on my radar for years and ive always wondered what was inside, so now I know.

Once we had climbed over a broken fence and ducked through some over grown tree branches we were in via a door that was already open, after all I never purposely damage anywhere I visit, so when the place is open.....well why not take a look.

The place is very dark inside due to all the windows being boarded up and due to me being totally unprepared because I didn't check the batteries on my flash gun I had no flash to use. Im not a massive fan of using tripods, I just don't like being confined to using a handle to move the camera this way and then another handle to move it that way, I much prefer the freedom of shooting handheld with a flash on the hot shoe. Plus on another note I really do need a better torch, im usually stuck with a wind up torch and that's all its good for; winding me up! I have since got another torch but im yet to try it out.

Im going to go back in when ive got some spare time as I would like to look for more interesting things to photograph in there, for instance there were a set of false teeth resting on an oven that made me laugh, though I don't remember Josh seeing the funny side.

On a positive note of having a companion it was good to have someone to talk too and to hold things for me, so if anyone wants to volunteer to be my next apprentice, please send in your application forms asap.

On another note im waiting for a lens to turn up. Without saying what it is, ive wanted one for years and I cant wait to take distorted pictures of everything.

Also ive just got through an adapter to mount old M42 mount lenses onto my 5D, so I can get to use some old and light prime lenses with wide apertures, as some of my lenses weigh a tonne these days.

Thanks for looking.