Thursday, 29 August 2013

Youve ruined it! Shots taken of Bawsey Ruins, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

Instead of going to the photography club on Tuesday night I decided to spend the night photographing something I've been meaning to photograph for a couple of years; the ruins at Bawsey, Kings Lynn.

I parked reasonably close to the ruins, however I parked in a farm yard as the road got very bumpy and I had a feeling I would get stuck.

To tell the truth I was a bit disappointed with the scene as the sky was very clear that night, I would of preferred some nice fluffy clouds. Any way I created 2 HDR images one in colour and one in black and white. Both images were created using photographs captured at an aperture of F18 for front to back sharpness and an ISO of 100.

While I was at the ruins I thought I would at least try to take something that met the subject that had been set at my photography club; Toys.

This small photographer seemed to be interested in the same subject I was that night.

My photography was cut short this night due to some children coming to the ruin's to play. They kept asking me to take some pictures of them, so before I went home I obliged and then emailed the images over to one of them.

I really didn't mind, however it would of been nice if they at least replied and said thanks for the photo's, I suppose that's the youth of today. I must be getting old!

The last image today is one I took a couple of weeks ago and have just decided that text would set it off.
Thanks. I hope you enjoyed this post.