Saturday, 9 February 2013

Stepping up to the challenge! My first wedding.

I thought it was about time i updated my blog.

Since my last post i have bought 2 new cameras and a new phone, joined a photography club, been sight seeing in London; all of which will receive more detail in future posts.

Most importantly i was asked to and shot a wedding.

I was asked approximately 6 months ago to play wedding photographer in December. In between the proposition and the event i went through stages of acceptance, joy, denial, worry, nervousness and im sure many more emotional states.

At times i doubted my ability and although the people closest to me, always assured me i could perform and achieve results.

I found myself at night thinking about lighting, white balance, apertures.......what if it rains, what if my camera stops working etc etc.

Closer to big day i started to prepare by scouting the church in view of finding the best locations and camera settings needed. As the wedding was in December available light was minimal, not helped by an afternoon ceremony, i knew that time would be short to get the list of photos agreed.

Winter afternoon sun is low in the sky and can make beautiful golden glow images providing you can find a location that lets the light shine onto the subject. At the church i knew available light was going to be issue, the best locations were on the wrong side of the church where the sun was blocked by the church itself.

Fortunately using my head i looked around the church grounds at the time of day i knew i would be doing the real shoot. I found a spot on the edge of the grounds where the last bit of sun sines through some trees and an old brick building. Bang! here's the spot to get the bride and grooms shots.

So on to the day.

Batteries were charged, lenses cleaned, camera bag packed, shirt ironed, Laura had a new dress, the sun was out and it wasn't raining....................however it was freezing cold! In the end it was the temperature that applied the most pressure on the day; the bride and groom were cold, families and friends were cold and my hands were cold holding the camera.

I decided on aperture's to use, so when it was time for the photo's outside; they were done in approx 15 minutes from beginning to end. Not so good when i had loads of nice ideas to try out.

On to some of my favourite photos from the day.

Great golden light.
I over exposed the background and use fill flash to create this high key image.
I love how they're are looking in opposite directions deep in thought.
A happy lady!
Lloyd, the groom, loves toys, cartoons and comics, so i knew they would love this high contrast image that has a real comic feel

This has a timeless feel to it thanks to the sepia filter that i applied.

I hope you enjoyed my write up and viewing my some of my favourite images of my good friends wedding.